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Blue Water Residential Services
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Bluewater Residential Services Provide:

24-Hour Care

Long Term Care

Job Coaching

Community Outings

Fitness Programs

Medication and Healthcare Management

Independent Living Skills

Transportation Services

Assessment and Referral

Knowledgeable Care Givers


As part of the rehabilitation process, all residents participate in daily life-skill building activities. This can include cleaning, laundry, cooking and baking, menu preparation and other valuable skills. Residents learn money management by working with staff to budget their personal needs fund and they also learn organizational skills.

Math and verbal games are incorporated into our daily activities to have fun and keep minds active! Music and singing are also used to create a fun learning environment, and to introduce them to a variety of insights of life through music.

Recently, we have added the Nintendo Wii as a rehabilitation tool. This form of active therapy is not only fun, but allows recipients to work on weight bearing and increasing coordination, increasing strength and stability, increasing fine and gross motor skills. The games can also be used to address problem solving, attention, short-term and long-term memory, decision making and scanning as well as building important social and teamwork skills when played in a group setting.

Medical Care

Bluewater Residential provides a full spectrum of health care management. We offer appointment scheduling, transportation, communication with doctors, follow-up, and medication management and monitoring. We can assess client needs and offer referrals as an essential part of the ongoing health care. Our clients' health is of the utmost importance to us.

Education & Employment

BRS provides support to our clients as they pursue continuing education or employment. We assist with career planning and coaching, goal setting, time management, and transportation. We understand that anything stressful to someone with TBI or MI can incur more behaviors from their injury or illness so we assist in incorporating new things into each client's life to help reduce that stress. We will be there every step of the way!


We work together with our clients to find exciting places to go and people to visit. We provide transportation for personal needs, outings and activities. Some of our most popular activities are:

Summer Picnics




Local Festivals

Sporting Events

Scenic Drives

Scenic Walks



Playing Pool


Visiting Local Coffee Houses

trips to the YMCA

the Zoo

the Aquarium

We participate in Community Education classes as well as other community-based programs. We also offer at-home activities such as crafts, movie & pizza night, and gardening - to name a few. Activities are a wonderful learning tool – residents often discover something new about themselves or the world. These activities create new and memorable experiences.

Bluewater Residential Service provides residents with a weekly review as well as a weekly outing. During the weekly review the resident will have the undivided attention of a staff person to set personal goals, voice any concerns and discuss problem-solving solutions. The outing is planned in advance. The resident selects the activity of his or her choosing (activity costs paid by BRS), and also selects the staff member of his or her choosing, as long as that staff member is available.

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